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Dalic specializes in the manufacture of electrolytes and the sale of equipment, tools, consumables and accessories to meet your selective brush plating requirements


The DALISTICK® concept has been designed to carry out selective plating treatments with the DALISTICK tool, anodizing or metallization,under controlled conditions:

  • Electrolyte : fixed flow, choice & regulation of temperature, indication of the wear rate, waste limitation
  • Electrolysis : control according to the amount of current, intensity or voltage control
  • Safety : closed-loop circuit, no contact with the chemicals, indication of the wear rate of the pipes

The added value of DALISTICK® is to allow the realization of electrochemical treatments only on functional areas without electrolyte flow or leakage.

The tool is versatile and can be handled in any position:

  • flat, vertical or horizontal surfaces: floor, ceiling, etc.
  • angled surfaces
  • edges, curved or convex surfaces, concave surfaces with a minimum radius of 100 mm

Several forms of DALISTICK® tools exist and specific developments can be contemplated according to your needs.

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Our DALISTICK® products

Dalipump DK2T set

D1000 Dalistick workstation

D2000 A3 Dalistick workstation

D2020 Dalistick workstation

Dalipump DK2T set

Main features


You can now combine your old Dalic rectifier with Dalipump DK2T to obtain a “no drop, no leak” device.


  • A  DK2T dalipump (double head pump)
  • 2 Dalistick tools
  • 2 Dalistick holders
  • Box of 6 bottles with specific caps

Equipment and tools

Equipment and tools

Dalic offers a wide range of accessories and equipment to ensure quality selective plating treatments:

  • Rectifiers ME (10A-20V ; 30A-20V ; 60A-20V ; 100A-20V ; 250A – 20V ; etc…)
  • Dalipump: Electrolyte flow systems
  • Cooling/Heating tanks
  • Anodic tools
  • Turning heads
  • Measurement instruments for measuring coating thickness
  • Sandblasting systems
  • Specific tools on demand

Several forms of tools exist and specific developments can be done according to your needs.

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Dalic manufactures and supplies a wide range of electroplating solutions

The electrolytes are available in bottles of 1 liter, 5 liters and 20 liters.

Metal coatings

  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Trivalent Chrome
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Alloys (Zinc Nickel, Nickel Cobalt, Nickel Tin Lead, etc.)
  • Precious metals (Gold, Silver, indium, etc. )


  • CAA (Chromic Acid Anodising)
  • SAA (Sulfuric Acid anodising)
  • Anodising on titanium
  • PANTA (phosphoric acid non-tank anodising process)

Surface preparation chemicals

  • Degreasers, etchings and activators

Passivators and depassivators

Non-exhaustive list, feel free to ask if you have a specific need.

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Consumables & accessories

Consumables & accessories

The Dalic process requires consumables and accessories that will be used at different times in the surface treatment. The consumables needed vary according to the range of treatment:

  • Bonnettes (fabric covering the anode)
  • Aluminum, Vinyl and Kapton tapes
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Scotch brite
  • Glass and sanding paper
  • CC115 abrasive powder
  • Leads, wires, plugs
  • Protection gloves, glasses and masks
  • Sprayers, boxes, containers
  • Pipes and connectors

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