DALIC technology

Dalic technology allows the plating of any type of metal locally onto metal substrates (such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, chrome , etc.). Selective plating is a process without immersion (unlike bath treatments), in which an anodic tool saturated with electrolyte is electroplated on the part due to the applied current.

The advantages of selective plating

  • Selective plating : We only treat the area(s) that need(s) to be treated
  • Cold process : No deformations created by heat
  • Dalic process can be directly applied without dismounting  the parts (ex: AOG’s plating jobs on landing gears)
  • Selective plating devices are transportable anywhere : easy to intervene quickly
  • Treatment on integrated parts
  • Flexibility : you can do many different metal platings with the same equipment
  • Restore geometry of the part without machining
  • Control of thicknesses : you can deposit from very few microns to hundreds of microns


AOG* is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. Generally, there is a rush to acquire the parts or services to put the aircraft back into service.

The aim of selective plating

Our coatings aim to repair or bring a new function to a metal part. Here are the most common applications:

  • Protect against corrosion
  • Restore functional dimensions of the part
  • Ensure conductive contact
  • Obtain a hardness
  • Fill a hole, an impact
  • Prevent electrochemical corrosion (galvanic couple)
  • Anti-fretting/EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), etc.
  • Improve aesthetic appearance




How it works

DALIC technology is accomplished without any immersion of the part, unlike surface treatments in a bath. Anodic tools* are impregnated with electrolytes and then brushed on the area to be treated. With the current supplied by a generator, the metal in liquid form will become embedded in the piece in solid form.

The parameters of the generator (amperage, voltage, current quantity) are modified according to each treatment. A cathode device will be used during anodizing on aluminum or titanium alloys.

An anodic tool* is composed of 3 inseparable parts to work:

  • a plating tool: the handle
  • an anode: mainly in graphite or stainless steel
  • a bonnette: Fabric that covers the anode to avoid an electric arc


What you need
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Electrolytes & consumables

Chemicals, pipes, adhesive tapes, abrasives…

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Anodic tools

Anodes, plating tools, bonnettes

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Rectifiers & Dalipumps

Current generators and electrolyte flow systems

Other equipment (sandblasting equipment, heating tanks, turning heads …)

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Technical training

In our workshop or in your facilities

DALIC main coatings

DALIC main coatings

The choice of the plating will depend on the desired function(s). Several coatings can be made on the same substrate. In the same way, different alloys (up to 3 metals) make it possible to combine the characteristics
  • Nickel : dimensional restoration, hardness, corrosion protection, anti-galling
  • Copper : Defect repair, dimensional restoration, anti-galling
  • Cadmium plating : Corrosion protection
  • Zinc Nickel : Corrosion protection, hardness, aesthetic improvement
  • Silver : Conductivity, corrosion protection, defect repair
  • Gold: Conductivity
  • Anodising (CAA, SAA) :  Hardness, corrosion protection, electrical insulation, paint adhesion
  • Tin : EMI/RFI
  • Many other deposits and alloys

Questions / Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick can we coat ?

DALIC® selective plating allows to coat from few microns to hundreds of microns. In some cases, DALIC can quote several millimeters.

Which kind of metal parts can DALIC plate ?

DALIC® has no limits. 

All the equipment (generator, pumps, anodic tools) must be adapted to the  metal surface to be treated according to the parameters defined by the data sheets.

What for ?
  • To put a metal layer on a metal substrate
  • To remove a metal layer (etching)
  • To anodize aluminum or titanium (this is not a metal coating, but a change in aluminum or titanium characteristics)
Can you use Dalic selective plating on any support?

DALIC® can only be performed on metal parts. The area must be conductive to make the plating possible.

What is an anodic tool and an electrolyte ?

Anodic tool: An anodic tool consists of a plating tool (anode holder), a conductive anode, and a bonnette cloth to avoid an electric arc (direct anode-cathode contact)

Electrolyte : An electrolyte is an aqueous solution which contains metal ions to be deposited on the part.

I need a Dalic selective plating job, what should I do ?
  • Contact giving maximum details on the part, area dimensions, treatment and thickness required (Please provide pictures or plans if possible)
  • DALIC will estimate the feasibility and come back to you with a quote
  • A estimate schedule will be defined by DALIC
  • A DALIC technician will plate your part(s) in our workshop or in your facilities.

Safety and quality

DALIC environment, health and safety

DALIC devices are environmentally friendly and guarantee maximum safety for your operators and products.

REACH compliance

The DALIC R&D Department continues to work on alternative solutions to fulfil our customer’s needs.


  • S2 Sulfuric Anodising (Code 10055) can replace CAA anodising


  • Cold sealing, based on Nickel salt DALICSEAL – Code 10062) can replace potassium dichromate


  • A new passivator without Chromium VI (Passivator n°7 – Dalic reference 10120) is available after Cadmium and zinc plating


  • Zinc-Nickel (Zinidal Aero – Code 11040) can replace Cadmium
Quality management

This is to certify that the Management System of DALIC has been approved by LRQA to the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2016

  • Manufacture and commissioning of selective electrochemical metallisation equipment


  • Design and manufacture of electrolytes


  • Application of the selective electrochemical metallisation process to customer products


  • Provider of services such as training, technical assistance, maintenance and supply of spare parts.


Discover DALIC in video

Copper brush plating on threaded connections
Zinc Nickel plating on a milling table
In-situ repair job
AOG Cadmium plating job

AOG Cadmium plating job performed on a landing gear to protect against corrosion

DALIC® Zinc Nickel plating

DALIC® Zinc Nickel plating on a tram wheel

No-brush anodizing
Treatment strip on aluminum sample
Dimensional restoration of a rotor

The aim is to increase geometry with a nickel plating of Dalinickle plus (ref 11060)

DALIC® Nickel plating on a periscope shaft

Dalinickle plus on a periscope shaft using Dalistick and a cobot

Zinc Nickel on a milling tool


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